[Waypoints] Cultures of Play – Setting and the Unknown

Cultures of Play – Setting and the Unknown

…wherin Rob Donoghue, with some very useful input from Josh Roby and several other folks, sparks a discussion about knowability/unknowability in relation to settings for rpgs.

I find this a fascinating discussion in the general sense, but it also serves to help reignite my passion for working on Vegas After Midnight, which is something I really fell away from in the past few months.  I’ve been struggling under the self-created burden of my own overreaction to a blog post from Jonathan Walton [Why Most Supplements Suck] about  supplements, settings, and how much  material should or should not be established in the text (as opposed to at the table).

Basically, as a guy who feels pretty strongly about the fun and awesomeness of collaborating on a roleplaying scenario and helping establish situations and settings with the play group, after reading Jonathan’s blog post I was led to wonder why in the hell I’ve been trying to finish and publish Vegas After Midnight, which is almost entirely pre-established setting and in many ways fits the description of exactly the kind of thing that Jonathan was suggesting as suckish.

Or maybe it was another excuse not to work on my creation and take the safe and easy way out. Who knows?

Well, the thread I’ve linked above has me thinking about it again, but at least this time I can say that apparently my self-doubt is enough in check that thinking about these issues is actually inspiring me rather than mucking with me. So the time has come to work on VAM, eh?

For that matter, I think the time has also come to let myself enjoy playing in a pre-established setting again. I’m particularly enamored with Shaintar lately. And I( miss playing in the Firefly campaign that I used to play with the Rolemonkeys. And I wanna try Hellas sometime, too.

To be continued …

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  2. What are you stuck on with VAM? Is it anything you could take some help on?

    Depending on what you need I’d be happy to trade “stuckness” 1 for 1 with some Vox.

  3. Hi Michael,

    Good to hear from you, dude.

    I think my biggest issue with VAM is that I just keep putting it on the back burner and probably coming up with semi-subconscious reasons to keep it there. In my head, the concept/idea/plan is almost fully formed. I really have very little left in terms of forming the concept. It’s just that I’m not writing anything down. I’m not doing any of the work that turns the thing from recipe into food. So I guess I mostly need a kick in the ass to get moving.

    But hey, email me with some info on your project if you wanna, and I’d be happy to shoot back some feedback, or help you unstick yourself from whatever has you stuck.

    Thanks dude.

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