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I’ve a morsel to share:

wake up -vam

Development Update: My main creative focus right now, other than messing with artwork stuff when I have writer’s block, is to wrestle with these issues in relation to melding VAM with Don’t Rest Your Head:

1. Make new character questions that evoke the setting and tone and guide players into situations. (*see below)

2. Come up with appropriate ways to address the two main issues where default DRYH play differs from ideal VAM play: weaving player characters into meaningful relationships with one another and optimizing multi-session play arcs.

3. Providing enough setting and flavor to inspire players and hook them into the world without overstuffing the text with all of my own ‘oh-so-awesome’ ideas in a way that detracts from groups making the thing their own.

*And here’s a sneak peek at the character questions I’m leaning toward:

  • Who drew you into The Game? (Strong Suit)
  • What’s the story about how you woke up? (Origin)
  • Who do you run with? (Faction)
  • What’s your real deal? (Tilt)
  • What keeps you in The Game? (Drive)

I realize that unless you’ve been following Vegas After Midnight closely and also know the basics of DRYH, a lot of this is going to be practically meaningless out of context. But enjoy the artwork at least, and I’ll follow up with more explanations and details in the coming days. Nothing’s set in stone. It’s in motion. Stay tuned.

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