Movin’ On

Here is one of the other mini-epiphanies I’ve had about the development of Vegas After Midnight:

I want to create this thing. I need to create this thing. I must not let it fall to the wayside. I don’t care what the final outcome is in terms of VAM as “product” – I have to bring this project to fruition because I want to play it. All else is gravy.

And that means I can’t rely on the energy, inspiration, motivation, enthusiasm, or schedule of ANY OTHER PERSON except myself. Not Leah. Not David. Not Daniel. Not any of the friends who are cheering me on or the peers who are curiously waiting. Only myself.

I have to drive this thing home. I started it, and I have to take responsibility for finishing it. And I’m going to go ahead and make the VAM that I want to play in, the way I want to play it. There might only be two other people on the planet (or maybe not even two) who will be interested in it once I’ve got it done to my satisfaction, but it will be what it will be.

No more excuses, no more waiting around for other people to motivate and energize me. I’m moving forward. I’m putting on my Dean Martin suit, hopping into my beat up ’66 Mustang, and gunning it down the extraterrestrial highway toward the edge of the map where madness reigns supreme and hope and luck are dangling like two fuzzy dice off of my rear-view mirror.

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  1. Go for it, man! The VAM setting has fascinated me since I first heard about it years ago, and, while circumstances have kept me from keeping close tabs on what’s going on with the game, I’ll be excited to check it out when it’s done.

    StingRay’s last blog post..Snowflake Method – Post Mortem

  2. Can’t wait to see how it comes out was with you
    in the beginning will be there at the end .Any questions ask.

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