The One Where I’m Kidnapped by Evil Overlords

The Secret Lair Episode 29: Storygaming

I’m proud to share this link because, well … I’m going to urge you to follow the link and read what Kris Johnson writes because he explains it in that distinctive K.J. way that I dearly miss.

For my part, suffice to say I went to Cleveland, got kidnapped by the Overlords of the Secret Lair, and this link will take you to the recording of their interrogation of me, wherin I go way past name/rank/serial number and spill all sorts of  passionate thoughts on my experiences in the tabletop roleplaying hobby over the past couple of years, drop all sorts of names, push all kinds of buttons, and throw down some “this is how I see it, your mileage may vary”  proclamations about why I love to play dirty hippie story games.

And the other thing about this historic event is that after recording over 40 episodes of a podcast together, this is the FIRST time that Chris Miller, Kris Johnson, and I have ever recorded a show while actually sitting around a real table, face-to-face.


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