via RPGpundit: The Newer, Smugger, Crappier Atheism – Here’s a “New Rule”

The Newer, Smugger, Crappier Atheism – Here’s a “New Rule”… from RPGpundit

I usually find the RPGPundit pretty smug and obnoxious when he writes about roleplaying games – he is after all the guy who consistently labels anyone who enjoys, discusses, plays, or designs hippie/indie/story games as “SWINE”.

But I’ve gotta go along with him on this one – people who use a belief system (including absolute belief in non-belief) as an excuse to be a dick to other people are equally dickish, whether they’re on the theistic OR atheistic side of the fence. I just wish that Pundit realized that when he flatly paints all of my friends and peers with the “SWINE” label, he’s kinda doing the same thing, in my opinion.

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