Shout-Out to the Macklinator

Just came in from mowing the lawn while listening to Master Plan episodes 50 and 51.

Two things:

1. Ennies, DJAs, and whatever else awards be damned, Ryan Macklin’s Master Plan is the most well-produced, tight, and informative podcast related to roleplaying games of which I’m aware. I think it gets slightly limited attention because it is targeted to a niche-of-a-niche audience, made specifically for people with dreams of game design – and it is not intended to be an entertainment show but an educational show. Still … Ryan, the King of Content, works hard to freely share useful information from an impressive cabal of designer minds including his own, and he consistently delivers.

2. In MP #51, Ryan just handed Vegas After Midnight’s campaign-level pacing scheme to me on a silver platter. The pacing mechanic – the how-to part – still needs percolating, but the scheme is now much more clear and workable in my noggin. So I want to thank Ryan Macklin for being a pal, an inspiration, and a good teacher. And for giving me permission to occasionally be a tool.

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  1. And to think I still remember when he was a newcomer whippersnapper with his “Master Plan” show. 🙂

    Which is to say, I agree 100%.

    And thanks for putting the Subscribe plugin. 😀

  2. I just hope he never finds out we think such positive things about him. His piggy-hatted noggin might not fit into normal-sized rooms anymore. :0

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