Primetime Wattage in Space!

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Our Sojourn 66 Primetime Adventures series has been a learning experience. It’s had amazing highs, clunky lows, and lots of in-between as we all try to learn how to frame scenes, get to know one another, grow accustomed to Skype-play, and juggle two fairly distinct perspectives on how much comedy or drama our “dramedy” is actually supposed to have.

How was THAT for a run-on sentence?

Anyhow, more unpacking and details later, after we finish the season. For now, hit Canon Puncture episode 37 (the one called “PTA and Lenny”) and listen to Rich and Perrin discuss a couple of facets of the game from their point of view.

But what I’m actually here to embed in digital stone for myself and my posterity is this: Last night, after a pretty interesting episode, we got to the “next time on …” part of the session, and Perrin described his upcoming scene snippet, followed right after by me doing mine. Here is the exchange between our characters, Severen (Perrin) and Victoria (me). Oh, and by the way, our characters are actually supposed to be colleagues and friends – but he had in fact just killed my brother at the end of the episode. Perrin spoke his character’s line as his “next time on…” and then I immediately responded with my character’s line.

Perrin: “Next time on Sojourn 66, we see Severen and Victoria facing off, and Severen says, ‘I killed your brother? Hmm… If I’d known he was your brother, I might have taken more time killing him.’”

Mick: “Next time on Sojourn 66, we see a different angle of the same scene, as Victoria draws her sword, saying, ‘If you hadn’t just said that, Severen, I might have taken less time killing you.’”

THAT’s magic stuff right there, and I don’t mind crowing about it! I can’t wait until the next (and final) episode.

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