Picchiatello Jack’s Introduction

I’m having fun sharing bits of Vegas After Midnight stuff these days, so I’ll continue the trend by posting what I’m currently thinking I’ll use as the opening text. This is something I jotted down over a year ago but after making a few changes over the past two days I’m pretty happy with it.  I suspect that some of you will notice it is a direct homage <cough>ripoff<cough> of one of my favorite speeches from Shakespeare.

Picchiatello Jack is the name of my narrator, the guy whose voice the game text will be written in. He also happens to be the Tim Curry-esque DJ who broadcasts from atop the Needle. It all comes together.

Picchiatello speaks:

“If I could show you this story properly, I’d call down fire from the sky and conjure the scenes up right out on the Strip. The movers and shakers would play their own parts and the Aces would sit at attention and watch it all go down. Then we could kick it into high gear in one big orgasmic explosion of blood and madness and passion and pain that you could see with your own peepers.

But that’s not what you get tonight, Kiddoes. Tonight all you get is the words from my measly mouth and the truth from my meager soul, fumbling words cobbled together and shoved out through a ratty microphone along gossamer waves through the aether to try to paint you the epic spectacle of The Game.

It’s a fool’s errand, is what it is. But I’m just the fool to do it; I can ask your pardon and decry my skills all I want, but it needs be done.

So I’m asking you to let my words slip past your defenses to massage your imagination, because I can’t bring this story to life without it. I ask you to suppose that within the space between my speaking and your hearing exists a vast and arid waste of hardscrabble sand and jagged rock surrounding an isolated kingdom of steel, glass, and neon where life is hard & cheap and where death is easy & cheap. A place where Midnight has passed and Dawn never comes; where the many Sleepers slog through the streets like robot zombies and the few Awakened rise up to fight Madness with Madness in an all-out all-in Game of control, hope, chaos, and chance.

Help me bring it to life with your thoughts, Kiddoes. Because only your imaginations can put flesh on my words and breathe action into being. The clock is ticking and we’ve only got a short time, so please, let’s settle in and get going. I’ll be with you all the while to tell you what you need to know, so let me introduce myself: I am Picchiatello Jack, your humble voice calling out in the wilderness. I pray you’ll listen and understand. It’s time to wake up and get in The Game.”

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  1. My first thought was, this is really obtuse language. The I reread your intro and spotted the two key words. I read it again and it worked just friggin perfectly. The key is to imagine the narrator is this guy. 😉

  2. Yeah, Frankenfurter noshing on pseudo-Shakespeare. That works.

  3. ‘Knowing’ who is speaking makes all the difference in the world to the way the phrases fall on the ears of the readers. How do you plan to convey that to readers as they dive in?
    Follow your bliss,

  4. Include that picture of Frankenfurter. 😉
    Though seriously, a picture that evokes the same image should do the trick.
    I wish we could find someone who could do that voice acting and include it in the multimedia version of the book.

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