Overview of a Week

So, long time no post. I thought maybe I’d share what I’ve been up to, just ’cause.

  • I spent the weekend in Springfield, IL with my wife Leah and our kids. It was part vacation, part business (for Leah). We wandered through Abraham Lincoln’s neighborhood, visited the Lincoln Museum, ate some Route 66 chili dogs, watched Big Brown embarrass himself at Belmont, and attended the church that Lincoln and his family attended while they lived in Springfield. My wife led worship and preached the sermon. Lincoln’s ghost, sitting in his family’s roped-off pew, was appreciative. Leah rocks sermons at least as well as she rocks Micki Dylan’s attitude on the old VAM audio. She’s a catch.
  • IGot two new Web clients set up. One is a game designer, the other a psychiatric/therapy practice.
  • I Scratched down a bunch of notes about VAM, then tossed most of them out once it came time to write them into the document.
  • Our PBEM Witchunter game is reaching a fever-pitch climax … but Daniel has a Jewish holiday to respect early this week, so it’ll be tomorrow before we resume posting.
  • I Nabbed a copy of

    ‘s gamma playtest pack for Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies, and got to feeling that a cool rich setting and hippie-style player empowerment CAN dance well together, and am thus felling better about VAM.

  • I Played another episode of Sojourn 66, the PTA saga that I’m in with the Canon Puncture guys. I love PTA. I also really dig this series we’ve come up with. And the best part is that Norwood narrated a scene where one of the significant NPC’s turned a very surprising (but still very plausible) 90-degree hard right in a scene with my character, and as a result flipped everything I THOUGHT was going to happen on its ear. Plans and assumptions were shattered. But then whole new possibilities opened up. It was glorious, and I finally got to actually experience that kind of Ooomph moment, and it was even cooler than I imagined it would be.
  • I tried to fit some actual-play writeups for Sojourn 66 into my schedule, and thus far have not managed to pull it off. I also wanted to update the Website to reflect info from more than just my character. But no go so far. There’s always tomorrow.
  • I spent about 5 minutes telling myself that I was going to start a new political podcast where I do my own misfit-progressive version of the Rachel Maddow show with some Keith Olbermann/Jon Stewart vibe tossed in, and then I realized how ridiculously pointless that would be. Not to mention a horrible waste of time. Not gonna happen.
  • I spent way too much time reading blog posts and forums. That probably makes you ask yourself if you’re wasting time reading mine right now. Well, of course you are! But thanks.
  • I started working on another map for my long-simmering swashbuckling-pirate-pulp-action world that I keep dreaming about. I should be working more on VAM, but I’m making maps.
  • I’m creating a new logo for Harping Monkey Studios (gotta have a cool logo for the back of the VAM book, ya know) and playing a little game where I’ve put a big image of the old logo on the site, and then each day I’ll wipe part of the old logo away and gradually reveal the new one underneath. Because I can’t do anything the normal, simple way, of course.
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  1. Not to mention a horrible waste of time.

    I wouldn’t call it a Horrible waste of time, but you do seem to have very little time to waste. πŸ˜‰

  2. Not to mention a horrible waste of time.

    I wouldn’t call it a Horrible waste of time, but you do seem to have very little time to waste. πŸ˜‰

  3. Yeah, those guys from Canon Puncture do rock, don’t they?

    I think a political podcast would be a great idea…

    Oh, and we playtested S7S. If you want some thoughts on awesome setting + cool player control, let’s chat before the game.

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