Obfuscation in the Name of Jesus is Still Pretty Much Lying

Every week in our local newspaper, this guy – and ONLY this guy – gets to fill an entire above-the-fold half of one page with his particular view of Christianity. Nobody else – no other pastors, or theologians, or people of other faiths, or even people of other points of view within Christianity, gets to share this space. This is the man that the editorial folks of the Oldham Era – the county just to the east of Louisville – believe best represents “A Religious Point of View”.

And this week, he took his always Evangelical-Conservative point of view to a whole new level. This week, he boldly and confidently lied in the name of Jesus. If you click on and enlarge the image, you can probably read the whole thing. But I want to especially highlight the part that is pull-quoted at the bottom, where Early asserts that “there is no scientific fact that is inconsistent with the Bible.”

I accept that people ought to be able to express their beliefs. I accept that a county newspaper can have a “Religion” page and allow whomever they choose to write it. I don’t like the fact that in this case it is always a White Evangelical Christian man doing the writing, but I accept the paper’s right to do so.

But a person who spouts blatant and easily-refutable lies in a newspaper article ought to be held to account for it. Even if – no, ESPECIALLY if – it is a lie in the name of God.


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