Me: The Overdramatic Obamaniac

Recently in my “Sundown of a Dream” post, I got all weepy and gnashy over the aftermath of the apparent Clinton comeback and how I feared the discourse would take a craptastic turn because it seemed to me too many Americans bought into the negative tone and hope-bashing tactics, and my man Obama would have to start playing that game in order to stay IN the game.

Of course, yesterday, with Sen. Obama’s jaw-droppingly compelling “More Perfect Union” speech, I was proven wrong about Obama knuckling under and playing the game. That was one of the most non-political, non-pandering, most earnest and sincere speeches I’ve heard, certainly from anyone in national politics.  Of course if you listen to the media, they’re saying many Americans won’t appreciate what the senator said yesterday, because it WAS too sincere, too nuanced, and not political or sound-bitey enough.

Today’s speech about Iraq and the Middle East was another good one, I say. But it also puts yesterday’s race speech in an even more compelling light. I have no real problem with anything Senator Obama said today in the Iraq speech, I agree with it, I feel very confident he can and will make an excellent president, including taking on the role of commander-in-chief. But still, today’s speech WAS a political speech, IMO. He hit points. He zinged Sen. Clinton a few times, he zinged Sen. McCain a few times, and he smacked Mr. Bush around pretty good. Yesterday, there was none of that. Yesterday, there was something special, something momentous happening. Like Jon Stewart said last night, “Today at approximately 11 a.m., a politician spoke to the American people like we’re adults.”

I hope we are, Jon.

So, I’m going to put a bunch of links down here. Visit them if you want, although you possibly already have. Mostly I’m putting these here to remind myself of this week and capture some of the lightning so I can pull it out later when my idealism flags.

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