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Wherin Joel Shempert’s OP and Jason Godesky’s first comment both grab me by the throat and remind me of the one truly authentic throughline in my life: I believe I’m called to explore and share stories and make myths in community with others. I’ve done it through acting, preaching, writing, podcasting, and roleplaying, but I’ve always done it – and in whatever form, to whatever level of competence, it is the one thing I know I’m wired to do. This post from Story by the Throat is a waypoint for me because it very nicely touches on – and stirs up – my feelings.

Making it Ourselves « Story by the Throat!

As a footnote, here’s an interesting issue that I’m still pondering – I agree with Joel that true art almost never authentically happens by committee – but committee is not the same thing as community, right? That’s my feeling, but it might take some time for me to work through how to articulate the difference. I think it has a lot to do with the difference between what many people think “Story Now” means in roleplaying – i.e. making decisions based upon what works best for ‘the story’ – and what I believe it actually means – organically exploring the premise in the moment, making choices, and letting the results spring forth as they will to guide the shared fiction at the table.

I think that the points Jason raises in his comment speak to that fairly well – but I love that he stresses that his intent is to add to Joel’s original idea, not to counter it.

No doubt I’ll have to revisit all this soon.

Note: edited for clarity a few hours after originally published

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