In Vegas After Midnight You Play …

There’s an interesting thread going on over at Story Games called “In X, you play people who Y” and I decided to try to put Vegas After Midnight through the wringer, because I think that explicitly and concisely being able to state what players do in any given game is a good thing. Certainly it is in VAM. Answering questions like this has been a challenge for me, but that’s all the more reason to keep at it.

My first few attempts have been sub-par, and I’ve gotten helpful advice and criticism from folks to encourage me to step up. Well, I figured I’d do that here, so as not to threadnap the discussion over there.

This is stuff coming mostly off the top of my head, so who knows what I’ll end up writing. But I need to try out a bunch of different ideas. Some will be dumb, some funny, some might even actually hit the mark. Your input and comments are welcome.

Here we go …

  • In VAM, you hack up DRYH and dump a bunch of Vegas pastiche all over it. No wait, I do that, not you.
  • In VAM, you play deranged Elvis cultists in sequin jumpsuits who kick the snot out of a bunch of evil clowns who are trying to kill you and take your stuff. Potentially true, and capable of hooking attention, but too limited in scope and a bit snarky.
  • In VAM, you play characters who wake up into the neon-drenched madness of a nightmare pastiche of Vegas and match wits, blood, and sanity with deranged Elvis cultists, Rat-Packer gangsters, and evil circus freaks in a high-stakes game of life and death for the fate of reality. Entirely accurate, but too long and probably confusing. The actual statement lies within this one, but needs to be distilled into something concise.
  • In VAM, you play characters who wake up into a neon-drenched nightmare pastiche of Vegas and decide to play instead of being played, no matter what the cost. Grrr. Cleverness without clarity is not cleverness.

In VAM, you play …

Well, tell me what impressions YOU have, based upon what you’ve heard and read. I’m not above stealing good ideas.

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