Huffpost Gives Voice to My Concerns

I’m still going to vote for the guy, but I’ve got to admit, my zeal and idealism over Obama’s message and sincerity have begun to show some cracks of late.

This snippet from the Huffington Post’s current lead article illustrates what’s bugging me:

Sen. Barack Obama is risking his brand as a political reformer, according to reports today in the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post. In recent weeks, he has moderated or changed positions on a number of politically-charged issues, leading to criticism from demoralized Democratic activists and charges of “flip-flopping” from conservatives.

The Times reports:

The Post reports that those who should be his strongest supporters are taking this as a wake-up call:

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EDIT: It’s not so much the specific issues that Obama has begun to embrace as it is that he seems to have made such a shift from bucking the system to gaming the system. Maybe this is the sort of thing any politician needs to do to win a general election – but shifting to the center and making very calculated political choices in order to appear tough and manly and “uncowerable” is still a deviation from his “change” movement and thus a blow to the progressive principles he was espousing before.

Do I think Obama should be confidently strong on national security? Sure, but I thought he had a pretty strong thing going last month – so to undercut himself now by going all hawkish on the telecom immunity stuff in the FISA bill, that’s sad, and in my opinion totally unnecessary.

Do I think Obama should strongly assert his faith and smack down the false crap that gets spread around about him from the radical right? Sure, but I don’t see why that means he needs to make sure there are no Muslim-looking people in-frame behind him while he’s making a speech, or why he can’t say something like “I’m not a Muslim, but even if I were, what would be wrong with that?”

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