Go Van Gogh Indeed

Van Gogh Van

I took this pic coming out of my local coffee shop a few hours ago and then posted it on Google+ with the following text:

Hey, if you wanna kick mundanity right smack in the teeth by dressing up your minivan with a full-body paint job to honor Van Gogh, then I say Go For It! I also say, THANK YOU, random person who parked near me at the local coffee shop, because you totally brightened my day! BTW, you can’t tell from this picture but this whole thing was hand-painted stroke-by-stroke as far as I can tell. The paint actually has texture and depth.

Well, after doing some research on Le Internetz, I discovered the Website of Paula Cundiff, the artist who both painted and owns this wonderful vehicle: http://go-van-gogh.blogspot.com/. She’s a resident of Louisville and also apparently a fan of the same coffee shop I favor, so perhaps I’ll get to meet her someday soon. At which point I’ll thank her for her art, gush about our mutual love of Van Gogh, and probably also offer to design a Website for her that actually properly reflects and supports the awesome that is The Go Van Gogh Van.

Like I do.

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  1. Hey I just met and talked to this same woman. She told me of the reason why she painted it was because she had an impression from God that she was supposed to paint it that way. She said that her paint was pealing and she was going to paint her own art that she created but her mom begged her not to but then the paint got worse and she told her mom that either she pay to have her car painted or she was going to paint it herself. She ended up painting it but not her own creation because she kept feeling like she was supposed to paint it starry night and felt like it was from God (and shes not a flaky christian, shes grounded and down to earth) so she painted it and was like..”ok God, why did u want me to do this?” and it came to her that the stars and universe was created by God, and the tree represents by Jesus dying on the cross he made a way for us to go to heaven and the wind represents the holy spirit. And she feels that the van actracts people and she is supposed to tell her story to anyone she meets so now im sharing it with you and anyone else that would like to know xoxo

  2. Oh yes one more thing, she said, “God has a purpose for everyone”

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