Book Review: Small Favor by Jim Butcher


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Small Favor (The Dresden Files, Book 10)I’m a pretty big fan of the Dresden Files. And I also happen to have a weak spot for stories dealing with the fair folk, so I looked forward to Small Favor because I knew it would involve some sort of intrigue with Queen Mab. And, it did.

You know what, though? I spent the first several chapters convinced that Butcher had just phoned this one in. And there was even a slight whiff of shark in the water, and I began to worry that I was about to be handed a set of water skis.

Then, somewhere – I’m not even sure where, but it was probably about the time the Denarians showed up – the story grabbed me, big time, and got really, really good.

If you’re a Dresden fan (or a Dresden sorta-fan), and you’re going to read this book, and you find yourself feeling lukewarm early on … I urge you to wait, give it some time to find its way, and from then on I honestly think it’ll grab you.

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