Ave Maria: VAM Inspirations I

[EDIT: February 14: I’ve come up with a new way to approach this entire series of VAM-inspired art that will tie all the pieces together more thematically. Part of that involves re-working several of the elements of Ave Maria, and as a result, please regard the image as it is included here as an alpha draft]

This is the first in a planned series of digital artwork I’m painting with Photoshop and PainterX. Although working on the Vegas After Midnight text is going rather slowly, I’ve had several ideas for VAM-inspired images and I find it a great way to work through my creative issues with VAM and work on improving my digital art techniques at the same time. This first one is dubbed “Ave Maria”. Maybe someday I’ll tell the story that inspired it.

"Ave Maria: VAM Inspirations I" - Mick Bradley, February 2009

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